Pacing yourself is important!

I have been working on what this year will bring for me personally and professionally I have already begun my fitness portion and joined a new program.  I already have a fitness routine and I wanted to expand upon it and heard great things about the program..

It was shortly after the stair test from hell that I realized how much pacing yourself is important. Thank you, Jerad at Bellingham Xtreme fitness..

Bellingham X-fit






Tasting grape nuts the 2nd time around isn’t quite as fun as the first time so I am going to share with you something about pacing yourself for the year.

In order to reach your goals you need breakdown the steps to get there, not go full tilt right off the bat. You will tend to burn out or get hurt in the process:)..

Once I slowed my pace and found a new rhythm did I find a way to make it to the end.

What is your big goal this year?

How can you break it down to small parts to accomplish it?

Breaking down what you need to accomplish daily to reach your goal, and keeping that steady pace to ensure you can accomplish small goals to stay positive. Before you know it, you have accomplished or surpassed the big one.

It is going to be uncomfortable at first, much like this week will be for me as I go up and down stairs.

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